Exclusive full lake hire carp fishing by appointment only, located near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.

The Top Lake is our specimen carp lake available for group bookings only with a maximum of 8 anglers to fish at a time. The Top Lake holds a good head of stunning carp including 25 known 30lb+ fish plus a few now over 40lb. The official lake record is now 42.08lb a fish called The Middle Dark Mirror and this isn't the biggest recorded fish known. We have had four different reported 40s inc a 44lb mirror and a 40lb common. We still have fish yet to be caught!

We no longer offer day tickets on The Top Lake, just full lake group bookings.


The Top Lake Exclusive Full Lake Hire 8 people (New dates just added for October and November) 

£400 for the weekend 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday. 

£850 for mid week exclusive bookings fishing 7am Monday to midday Friday.

mid weeks can be split into 2x 48hrs from Monday 7am to Wednesday 8am or midday Wednesday to midday Friday £400 48hrs.
£1250 for combined weekend and mid week 7am monday to 6pm sunday.
This option allows you to fish right through gifting you 5hrs free fishing on the friday.

The Top Lake is closed on Sunday nights.


The Catfish Lake (Carp and Catfish) Exclusive Full Lake Hire 6 people (Now closed due to low water level)

£300 for the weekend 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday.

£150 for 24hr 5pm to 5pm the following day.

£600 for 7am Monday to 12 noon Friday.

Day tickets are 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am 12hrs £10 for 2 rods £15 for 3 rods per person

This lake has a mix of catfish, carp and koi but is mainly a catfish lake.

Please note: This lake is now being pumped so the water level will be starting to drop.

The Match Lake Exclusive Full lake 10 people

£60 for the day 7am to 7am or dawn to dusk in the winter, there is no night fishing on the match lake.

Day tickets are £7 for 1 rod, £10 for 2 rods and £5 for OAP's


The Top Lake is our exclusive booking only specimen carp fishing lake

We have a varied selection of pristine common and mirror carp as well as some of the most beautiful ghost carp in the country. The mirror carp are descendants from the original Croatian fish which Phil hand reared from 2-3" fish in his back garden over 13 years ago. Some of these original fish are now well over 40lb and have the genetics to achieve 50-60lb+ fish with the right conditions and quality fishmeal boilies. Over the years the fish have naturally spawned with the ghost carp which has produced some stunning colours and scale patterns. One such fish is Orange Spot which is now around 25-26lb and a much sought after fish to tick off the list. Fishing on the top lake is not the easy and can be frustrating at times but the rewards are there. We do offer advice but it is entirely up to you if you want to take it onboard. Our beautiful carp fight hard in the oxygen rich water and then once safely netted you will see their immaculate condition.
At present we have had 4 different 40s with the biggest verified weight at 41lb, 25 different known carp over 30lb, with plenty of 20s and lots of stunning new carp growing on each year due to our successful spawning levels.

Fishing on the Top Lake, as with all 3 of our lakes, is by advance booking only. Bookings can be made by email, WhatsApp or calling our booking line between 9am and 5pm monday to friday on 07455442253. If you have not booked in advance you are not, and will not be permitted to fish. The Top lake is for adults only, we do not allow under 18s to fish on this lake even with an adult. Sorry but, this is down to insurance restrictions and beyond our control.
We feed the fish all year round on a mix of 16mm fishmeal pellets along with mixed cereals and our new Bio-Maple boilies. This provides the fish with a healthy balanced diet and is one factor our fish grow as fast as they do whilst keeping in immaculate condition.

Please note: we have a minimum 15lb line rule due to the hard fighting nature of the big common carp and mirror carp you have a chance of landing. A large high sided unhooking mat or at least an XL beanie type mat is a must have item, along with a 42” minimum landing net, a retaining sling to transport fish from the water to the mat and some form of fish care kit to treat hookholds etc.

Every angler should have some sort of a bucket to be able to quickly fill with FRESH lake water to pour over the fish and keep it wet at all times. This should be something every carp angler automatically does but, this is a note to any that do not know to keep fish wet at all times. Please look after our fish so they can grow healthy and with as little stress as possible.


The New Top Lake record is a fish called The Middle Dark Mirror, now at 42.08lb. This is not the biggest in the lake as there have been reports of fish over 44lb but this is the biggest to be landed and then witnessed by us with the fishery scales.

Maximum number of anglers on the top lake at the moment is 8 so there is plenty of room with Coronavirus still being around us all. We do not allow any visitors to the Top Lake or people walking round. Anyone caught with visitors not get to fish the lake again and will be asked to leave, so please respect the rules.


No shelf life boilies are to be used, popups and wafters are fine. Preserved packet boilies and particles off the shelf which we don't allow. Dynamite, Mainline and Nash particle is allowed as it is cooked in the packet with no preservatives. We would like anglers to not use goo or similar high intensity liquid dyes as it gets all over the swims and other anglers equipment.


Bait boats are allowed at the moment as long as they are used safely and not to fish in places you would not be able to cast to. 


The Catfish Lake is now closed for the year due to the low water level

The catfish lake started off with over 100 wels catfish but over the last couple of years the carp population has greatly increased so now the lake has become a good alternative to the top lake. The biggest catfish to be landed last year was just short of 72lb. The carp run to 30lb and can prove to be good sport during the day when fishing for catfish can be tricky. Most methods work for the catfish including boilies, halibut pellets, deadbaits and livebaits.

Fishing is by advanced booking only, call or text our booking line on 07455442253. This lake is adults only as it is an irrigation reservoir so the water level does drop quite a lot making the bank slippery when wet.

Exclusive bookings on this lake are £300 for the weekend 17:00 Friday to 18:00 Sunday and £600 for a mid week 07:00 monday to 12:00 Friday.

24hr tickets are £30 for 3 rods starting 07:00am or 18:00pm.

The Match Lake is our general pleasure fishing lake
This is the smallest of the three lakes in our complex covering just under an acre in size which has 10 purpose made gravel swims. This lake is perfect for beginners and general pleasure anglers who jus want to catch a varied mix of different fish. Species include carp, ghost carp, crucian carp, koi, ide, roach, perch and bream. The Ide are some what of a rare fish which anglers travel far and wide to hope to catch here. They have been landed at over 8lb in weight which is some where near the British record. We allow this lake to be booked for matches during the week, this is priced at £60 for the day fishing 7-7. Bookings need to be made in advance to avoid dissapointment as the lake can get very busy during summer weekends.

To book please call or text 07455442253 and please allow at least 24hrs notice. Do not just turn up and fish as you will be asked to leave.

Prices and Times for Bookings


The Top Lake over 18s only and STRICTLY NO VISITORS and NO WALKING ROUND...we have signs stating this so no excuses.

Please note: The Top Lake is now exclusive full lake bookings only, we no longer offer day tickets. 


Top Lake Prices

£400 for the 48hr weekend group booking 3pm Friday to 4pm Sunday maximum 8 anglers

£400 for the 48hr mid week group booking 7am Monday to 8am Wednesday maximum 8 anglers

£400 for the 48hr mid week group booking midday Wednesday to midday Friday maximum 8 anglers

£850 for mid week exclusive bookings fishing 7am Monday to midday Friday maximum 8 anglers.

Please note: All prices quoted are for the full lake exclusive, not per angler. 


The Top Lake is closed Sunday nights to allow the fish some rest and recovery time, please do not ask to fish as the answer is NO. The fish are the most important part of the lake and we do everything we can to keep them healthy.


The Match Lake... fishing is from 7am - 7pm for a day ticket, no night fishing. £7 for 1 rod, £10 for 2 rods per person. OAP's £5.

The Catfish Lake... fishing is from 7am - 7pm for a day ticket and 7pm - 7am for a night ticket. £10 per person for 2 rods and £15 per person for 3 rods for every 12hrs fishing..

To book send an email with possible dates to earlshallfisheries@gmail.com

Exclusive Full Lake Group Bookings


The Top Lake (8 anglers)

£400 for the weekend 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday.

£400 for 7am Monday - 9am Wednesday.

£400 for midday Wednesday - 1pm Friday. 

£850 for mid week exclusive bookings fishing 7am Monday to midday Friday.
£1250 for combined weekend and mid week 7am monday to 6pm sunday.
This option allows you to fish right through gifting you 5hrs free fishing on the friday.

The Top Lake is closed Sunday nights to allow the fish chance to rest.


The Catfish Lake (6 anglers) Now closed due to the low water level

£300 for the weekend 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday.

£150 for 24hr 5pm to 5pm the following day.

£600 for 7am Monday to 12 noon Friday.

The Match Lake (10 anglers)

£60 for the day 7am to 7am, there is no night fishing on the match lake.


Fishery Bait (2022) Bio-Maple

The Bio-Maple boilies have now replaced V12 as our fishery bait. This new bait still provides all the high grade properties of V12, easy to digest protein, supplies a source of energy, and makes the perfect all season fishmeal boilie. So our new Bio-Maple freezer boilies in 16mm will replace V12 for 2022.
Pots of hard hookbaits and popups are £5 per pot plus liquid food glugs are available £7.50 per pot. We also do a pack which contains a 1.1kg bag of 16mm Bio-Maple freezer boilies plus a liquid food glug and a pot of wafters for £20.


To book
To book send an email with possible dates to earlshallfisheries@gmail.com or WhatsApp the lake phone on 07455442253.

Please call our booking line during office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 07455442253 out of office hours you can also WhatsApp and we will do our best to reply first thing the following day. Please remember we are very busy and will not always be able to answer, any abusive behaviour via calls or messages will not be tolerated, nor will it be tolerated on the bank towards the bailiff or other anglers. Anyone doing so will not be booked and these type of messages will not be replied to. 
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the bank during your booking.

Fishery Rules

Advance bookings only, please do not turn up and start fishing without booking.

We do not allow visitors to the lake, we have signs up saying no visitors so this means NO VISITORS... the fishery is a place for our genuine paying customers to relax in quiet surroundings on a farm. We do not want them to be disturbed by random people walking round so please respect this.

All anglers must fish from the designated swims, most swims can cater for two anglers but we do have some designated doubles.

Double swims on the Top Lake are for two anglers fishing together and people sharing bivvys take priority. Please do not setup in the middle of the double swims.

Large unhooking mats are a must and carp care liquids to be used at all times, XL beanie type mats can be used and must be placed on the soft grass. Unhooking mats must be placed on the grass and not on the gravel swims.

No sacking of fish overnight at all, especially in the summer! Anyone caught will be asked to leave with no chance of returning. We do allow retaining slings to carry the fish from the water to your cradle or sided unhooking mat and to allow the fish to rest a little.

All carp anglers must have a water bucket to pour water on the carp whilst on the unhooking mat. Fish need to be kept wet so please make sure you keep them wet and safe. Please fill the water bucket once you have landed the fish and it is safely in your landing net. Then when you have your mat wet, the water bucket filled, then you can transfer the fish to the mat making sure all the fins are tucked under the fish.

During the summer when some weed is around we have a minimum 15lb line rule, during the winter season (15th November-1st March)12lb is suitable.

No leadcore, rigs will be checked so please do not try to break this rule, fish welfare is more important than the use of a dangerous leader.

No fixed leads, all leads must pull out of lead clips easily and drop off or slide up the line without any restriction. if its not safe then dont use it!

No braided mainlines to be used apart from on marker rods and spod rods.

No nuts of any description including tigernuts. No nuts or tigernuts as hookbaits either.

No shelf life boilies please.

No barbless hooks or non carp specific hooks. All the common brands such as Nash, Fox, ESP and Korda are advised.

No plastic baits of any description, especially scren in plastic corn toppers etc, fish safety is our priority.

No mass baiting with maggots or hemp, they do not do the carp any good so they are not allowed.

Maximum three rods per person, see pricing above.

Rods must not be left unattended due to the fish being very powerful and takes can be extremely quick. 

All anglers must be over 18 years of age to fish on the Top Lake.

All anglers must fish in their designated zones when the lake is busy, please look at the big sign prior to fishing the Top Lake, you have no excuses.

No guests unless you have been allowed by speaking to us first. Anyone caught at the lake with visitors will be asked to leave as it is all private property,

No Dogs of any description.

No rubbish to be left at the fishery in the swims or the bushes. Anyone caught leaving rubbish will not be allowed back onto the fishery, we have no problem banning people and have done so on several occasions now.

No fires, BBQs are permitted but must be placed on the gravel.

The speed limit is 10mph through the farm, anyone speeding will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back onto the fishery again. We have very large farm machinery in use on the farm and many blind corners. We also have children playing and walking about in the yard and up the lanes so please be careful and reduce your speed.

All anglers must hold a valid EA fishing licence.

All visitors and anglers enter Earls Hall Farm and Earls Hall Fisheries at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for any injuries, losses or damages during your visit.

All bookings for the Top Lake, Catfish Lake and the Match lake must be made in advance by calling or texting the booking number or by email. We do not accept facebook messages for bookings. The phones are answered from 10am to 5pm, please do not call out of these hours as your call will not be answered. Text messages will be answered as soon as possible. If you have not had a reply you are not permitted to fish.

Thank you for reading the rules and we hope to hear from you soon.

Some people may think the rules are excessive but if you put yourself in a fishery owners shoes and imagine it as your own lake with all the hard work and the value of our big fish then you may have a different view.

Booking fees apply and refunds will not be offered if you cancel your booking once it has been agreed.


New House Bait for 2022 Bio-Maple

We have a new bait for 2022 which is based on LT94 Fishmeal along with sustainably sourced ingredients and natural flavour compounds. The bait is being fed to the fish during the quieter times throughout the winter to keep the fish actively feeding and healthy. This new bait will be a direct replacement for V12 and become the new Earls Hall Fisheries house bait. The bait will be bagged in 1kg bags but with an extra 10% for free so each bag will contain 1.1kg.
Pots of hard hookbaits and popups are £5 per pot plus liquid food glugs are available £7.50 per 200ml bottle. We will also be supplying a bait pack which contains a 1.1kg bag of 16mm Bio-Maple freezer boilies plus a 200ml liquid food glug and a pot of popups for £20. Advance ordering of bait is required please.


New Carp Pellet Mix

Also available for 2022 is our carp pellet mix which we feed the fish with. The mix contains high protein and mid protein carp pellets in 6mm and 8mm. This is the perfect feed to mix with the boilies, to spod or to use in PVA bags. The pellets have been pre glugged in a mixed spiced fish oil along with squid extract and betaine. They are supplied in 4kg bags for just £10 each, please order when making your booking as we make these up in advance.

Earls Hall Fisheries feed boilies 2022 Bio Maple 2022 New house bait 'Bio-Maple"
Fishery carp pellet mix New Carp Pellet Mix £10 for 4kg bag (6-8mm)


To book please call, text or WhatsApp on 07455442253 It is not always possible to answer straight away so please leave a message, any messages after 6pm will be replied to asap but please be respectful of the times. You can also email with an advanced booking and we will get back to you asap. Do not attempt to just turn up and fish on any of the lakes, you will be asked to leave.


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