2024 Top Lake Bookings

The 2024 diary is now open for exclusive bookings. 

Exclusive full lake hire carp fishing by appointment only, located near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.


The Top Lake is our specimen carp lake available for group bookings only with a maximum of 8 anglers to fish at a time. The Top Lake holds a good head of stunning carp including 30 known 30lb+ fish with 6 fish now over 40lb (May 2023). The official lake record is now 44lb a fish called The Middle Dark Mirror and this isn't the biggest recorded fish known. We have had six different reported 40s inc a 45lb mirror and a 41lb common. We still have fish yet to be caught including the biggest fish known as The Grey Mirror! The current stock is around 100 fish and we have just introduced a few C4s from VS including a fully scaled mirror.


The Top Lake is Exclusive Full Lake Hire 8 people maximum

£450 for mid week 48hr session (7am Monday to 9am Wednesday).

£450 for mid week session (12 noon Wednesday to 1pm Friday).

£500 for 48hr weekend sessions (4pm Friday to 5pm Sunday).

£900 for mid week session (7am Monday to midday Friday) inc free use of onsite shower.

£1400 for combined weekend and mid week (7am monday to 5pm sunday) inc free use of onsite shower. 

Please vacate the lake by the finish time as we have a tight schedule to stick to with change over times.

Barbless hooks, boilies and pellets only (no particle)



The Reservoir (Carp and Catfish) Exclusive Full Lake Hire 6 people

£350 for the weekend 3pm Friday - 4pm Sunday.

£200 for 24hr 5pm to 5pm the following day.

£650 for 7am Monday to 12 noon Friday inc free use of onsite shower.

Barbless hooks


Top Lake Feature Pictures

We are running a feature picture gallery for the better quality pictures sent in...all pics need to be actual pictures and not screenshots or the quality will not be good enough to use. Forward your pictures and catch reports to Phil via the fishery WhatsApp please.


The Top Lake is our exclusive booking only specimen carp fishing lake

We have a varied selection of pristine common and mirror carp as well as some of the most beautiful ghost carp in the country. The mirror carp are descendants from the original Croatian fish which Phil hand reared from 2-3" fish over 18 years ago. Some of these original fish are now over 45lb and have the genetics to achieve 50-60lb+ fish with the right conditions and quality fishmeal boilies. Over the years the fish have naturally spawned with the ghost carp which has produced some stunning colours and scale patterns. One such fish is Orange Spot which is now around 28-30lb and a much sought after fish to tick off the list. Fishing on the top lake is not the easy and can be frustrating at times but the rewards are there. We do offer advice but it is entirely up to you if you want to take it onboard. Our beautiful carp fight hard in the oxygen rich water and then once safely netted you will see they are in immaculate condition, testiment to the HNV fishmeal boilies they are fed and the attention to detail with water quality and the aquatic environment.
At present we have had 6 different 40s out during 2024 with the biggest verified weight at just over 45lb. There is a lot of different known carp over 30lb now with plenty of 20s and lots of stunning new scaley carp growing on each year thanks to our successful spawnings and fishery management.

Fishing on the Top Lake, as with the other lakes, is by advance booking only. Bookings can be made by email, WhatsApp or calling our booking line between 9am and 5pm monday to friday on 07455442253. If you have not booked in advance you are not, and will not be permitted to fish. The Top lake is for adults only, we do not allow under 18s to fish on this lake even with an adult. Sorry but, this is down to insurance restrictions and beyond our control.
We feed the fish all year round on a our V12 low temperature fishmeal freezer boilies. We add immuno stimulants to the boilies as well as vitamins and minerals specifically tailored for carp.

Please note: we have a minimum 0.40 line rule due to the nature of our hard fighting big carp, especially the common carp. A large high sided unhooking mat or at least an XL beanie type mat is a must have item, along with a 42” minimum landing net, a retaining sling to transport fish from the water to the mat and some form of fish care kit to treat hookholds etc.

Every angler should have some sort of a bucket to be able to quickly fill with FRESH lake water to pour over the fish and keep it wet at all times. This should be something every carp angler automatically does however, sadly this this does not always happen! So this is a note to anyone that does not know to keep fish wet at all times. If the fish is all foamy on the matt you are not keeping it wet enough, pour more water over the fish. Please look after our fish as they are extremely valuable and treated like our pets. Be mindful with them on the bank so they can remain healthy with as little stress as possible.


The official New Top Lake record is a fish called The Little Dark Mirror, now at 43.12, Norman was also recorded at the same weight in 2022. These are not the biggest in the lake as there have been reports of fish over 45lb but this is the biggest to be landed and then verified by us.

Maximum number of anglers on the top lake at the moment is 8. We do not allow any random visitors to the Top Lake or people walking round. Wives and girlfriends are welcome to visit or fish with you.


No shelf life boilies are to be used, popups and wafters are allowed. We have stopped the use of particle baits for 2024 so please don’t bring them with you.


No maggots to be used on The Top Lake. We are all about the fish health and maggots dont help the fish or the water quality so please dont use them, rigs and bait buckets will be checked. Worms are fine to use instead if you want to use naturals during the winter months.

The gates to the otter fence must be kept closed at all times.


Bait boats can be used, please use them responsibly.


Thank you

The Reservoir (fully booked Easter and following weekend)

Please note: This lake is used for irrigation so the water level drops as the season goes on, demand for the water will be high in 2024 due to crop rotaion so we anticipate fishing will stop around end of May this year and will not open again until the winter.

The reservoir contains a mix of carp and catfish and is available to book as an exclusive or as individual day tickets. Day tickets need to be booked and paid for in advance. The catfish run to over 80lb and the carp to 30lb. This lake is the farms main reservoir so the water level does go down during the warmer months which can lead to us having to close the lake completely for safety reasons.

This lake responds well to lots of bait, especially large beds of pellets.

Barbless hooks only and free running leads, no live baits, maximum hook size 4. 

Fishing is by advanced booking only, call or text our booking line on 07455442253. This lake is adults only as it is an irrigation reservoir so the water level does drop quite a lot making the bank slippery when wet.

Exclusive bookings for 6 anglers on this lake are £350 for the weekend 15:00 Friday to 16:00 Sunday, £200 for 24hr exclusive booking and £650 for a mid week 07:00 monday to 12:00 Friday.


To book a session on one of our lakes please check the bookings page for The Top Lake availability then send an email with possible dates to earlshallfisheries@gmail.com or via WhatsApp to the lake phone on 07455442253.

Please feel free to call our booking line during office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 07455442253 out of office hours you can also WhatsApp and we will do our best to reply first thing the following day. Please remember we are very busy and will not always be able to answer, any abusive behaviour via calls or messages will not be tolerated, yes this does happen quite freqently due to us not allowing day tickets on the top lake. We will not tolerate abuse on the bank towards the bailiffs or other anglers.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the bank during your booking.



Fishery Bait


V12 Red Fishmeal Freezer Boilies 15mm

The fishery bait for 2024 is now back to our original V12 Robin Red Fishmeal boilies. The bait is a unique true high grade fishmeal Boilie that has a fruity, creamy aroma with a hint of peach coming from a complex blend of essential oils. The fish in the top lake have been fed these boilies right the way through their lives and have been an integral part of the high growth rates as well as the vibrant colours, health and strength of the fish. All freshly rolled in-house on a weekly basis. Every kilo of this bait goes to helping our fish stay in the highest possible condition with vibrancy and vigour. Not only do the fish hugely benefit from the high nutritional makeup of V12 but the water quality and silt is kept in optimal conditions through its quick breakdown times and soft nature. Special attention is given to the formulation of V12 so it also feeds the aquatic ecosystem by incorporating specific food items. Everything is about balancing and working with nature.
Throughout the winter when the lake was closed to anglers we fed V12 every week, ramping up to 10kg a week prior to the opening in March. The quality and growth of the fish has been astonishing.


Low temperature fishmeals

Enzyme treated soluble fish proteins

Antarctic Krill meal

Squid meal

Haiths Robin Red spice blend

Milk proteins


Milled cereal grains

Organic marine meals

Probiotic yeast cultures

Green lipped mussel

Hydrolysed Crustacean liquid


Liquid liver

Natural plant based sweetener

Vitamins and minerals

Salmon oil

All natural V12 carp taste profile 

Made with fresh hens eggs


Available in 1kg pouches £10/kg or 5kg bulk bag £45

Wafters, Hard hookbaits and Popups are boosted with an amino acid based natural feed booster. £5 per pot

Food source glug made with the V12 liquid carp taste profile on a natural hydrolysed crustacean liquid base £7.50



New 12mm V12 Special Edition Food Source Popups available in Pink, White and Yellow £5 per pot

Booster dropper bottles of attractor liquid are available for £2.50. 


Fishery Rules Top Lake

Advance exclusive group bookings only.

We do not allow visitors to the lake, we have signs up saying no visitors so this means NO VISITORS... the fishery is a tranquil place to relax in quiet surroundings without random people walking around.

Large unhooking mats are a must and carp care liquids to be used at all times, unhooking mats to be placed on the grass and not on the gravel swims.

Please treat all fish caught with some form of carp care product, all considerate anglers should have a bottle in their tackle bag.

No sacking of fish at all, especially in the summer! We advise retaining slings to rest the fish after a fight and to carry them safely from the water to your wet unhooking mat.

All carp anglers must have a water bucket to pour fresh lake water on the carp whilst on the unhooking mat. Fish need to be kept wet so please follow this advice. Please fill the water bucket once you have landed the fish and it is safely in your landing net. Then when you have your mat wet, the water bucket filled, then you can transfer the fish safely to the mat making sure all the fins are tucked under the fish. Please respect and care for the fish.

During the summer when some weed is around we have a minimum 0.40 line rule, during the winter season (15th November-1st March) 0.33 is suitable.

Maximum leadcore length 12", rigs will be checked.

No fixed leads, all leads must pull out of lead clips easily and drop off or slide up the line without any restriction.

If using braided mainline then a long length of tubing must be used. No other types of leaders to be used with braided mainline please.

No nuts of any description including tigernuts. No nuts or tigernuts as hookbaits either.

No shelf life boilies please, this is to help protect the gut health of our fish and the water quality.

Barbless hooks are required now due to several trailing fish this year. All the common brands such as Nash, Fox, ESP, thinking anglers and Korda etc are advised. We are checking rigs now during your session, this is for fish safety so please respect this rule.

No maggots or casters as feed or as hookbaits.

No particles, only tinned sweetcorn is permitted.

Maximum three rods per person.

Rods must not be left unattended due to the fish being very powerful and takes can be extremely quick. 

No guests unless previously arraged. Anyone caught at the lake with visitors will be asked to leave as it is all private property,

No Dogs.

Anyone caught leaving rubbish will not be allowed back onto the fishery, on the whole most anglers fishing with us in 2023 have been extremely considerate and left no rubbish at all, thank you. Filter tips and wrappers are the main things left behind they count as rubbish. All swims are checked before and after!

No fires, BBQs are permitted but must be raised off the ground.

The speed limit is 10mph through the farm, anyone speeding will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back onto the fishery again. We have very large farm machinery in use on the farm and many blind corners. We also have children playing and walking about in the yard and up the lanes so please be careful and reduce your speed.

The entrance gates to the otter fence must not be wedged open, we have made a considerable investment into our otter fencing to protect the carp so, please keep all the gates closed after you go through them.

All anglers must hold a valid EA fishing licence.

All visitors and anglers enter Earls Hall Farm and Earls Hall Fisheries at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for any injuries, losses or damages during your visit.

All bookings must be made in advance by calling or texting the booking number or by email. The phones are answered from 8am to 6pm, we are extremely busy on various aspects of the lakes and farm which means we cannot always answer straight away. Text messages will be answered as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading the rules and we hope to hear from you soon.

Some people may think the rules are excessive but if you put yourself in a fishery owners shoes and imagine it as your own lake with all the hard work that goes into running a fishery plus the value of the fish then you would agree with the rules and probably add more.

Booking fees apply and refunds will not be offered if you cancel your booking once it has been agreed.



To book please call, text or WhatsApp on 07455442253 It is not always possible to answer straight away, try sending a message instead, any messages after 6pm will be replied to asap but please be respectful of the times. You can also email with an advanced booking enquiry and we will get back to you asap. Do not attempt to just turn up and fish on any of the lakes.


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